Gaia A Spiritual Networking Community On The Interwebs

It can be especially important when using social media, to find sites that are suited to your specific interests. Ideas, interests and other descriptive terms serve as bookmarks that help people using the web have the ability to crunch information and know who they want to meet. If you are interested in being inspired for example then it may be a good idea to join Gaia.

People often join social media and do not take an active role in seeking out people. Rather they sit back and only associate with people who come to them. In reality this is really anti social behavior. It is like going to a party and not wanting to talk to anyone and sitting in a corner. What is worse is that these same people often complain that they have trouble leveraging social media, or that social media is worthless, or something to that end.

The whole reason people come to these sites is to be social. Most people using social media are open to being social with everyone outside of sites like face book and my space that have large amounts of people who use the sites only to connect with people they know. Fortunately this is changing very quickly.

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