The Facebook Is Looking To Redefine Online Advertising

Facebook ads are some of the most creative forms of advertising that gets me every time. These ads are targeted to the social profile so they cater to my interests. I click them and check them out at least.

Facebook since its inception has been very innovative on how it draws a profit. One of the main reasons is that it is extremely difficult to make advertising money on a largely closed social network. Facebook can not rely on search traffic for instance streaming through the social profiles like Myspace can. This poses some major problems considering the Facebook is an expensive website to keep up. Some revenue models that Facebook has tried include selling digital goods.

We all remember years ago when people would buy a digital kiss for instance then everyone would say stuff like I can't believe you spent a buck on that! Well the Facebook is looking back into a similar revenue model again. I wonder how it will compete with Twitter selling Naked Pizzas?

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