Facebook Ad Helps Get In Microsoft, And We Want In On Google And Twitter Too

Necessity breeds invention. Consider a person who uses an ad spot on Facebook to target a job at Microsoft. I am not sure if he got the job, but he is in a better position now to win. This is very similar to the many money bloggers who promote their sites through taking up ads. One such case is the legendary John Chow. Because John Chow does this he tends to be people's first contact with a make money online blog. John Chow is also the first person to instill on people the value of making money online. This earns him links and traffic. When people want stuff they do not realize the power of promotion. I do not see people who want money using Craig's list to get it. I do not see enough people starting blogs, or selling stuff on eBay. What this guy trying to get a Microsoft job has taught us is the power of doing whatever it takes even if 'it' seems crazy. I also feel bad for the kid. I wish he would just make money online and start his own Microsoft. That way he can be on the cover of the online magazines.

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Blogger October 12, 2016 at 5:15 PM  

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