Email Marketing Versus Spam

Creating lists of people whether it be email, blog subscribers, face book friends, twitter followers or whatever is all for the same purpose for a marketer. Yet how these people are treated may tread towards or away from spam. Tradition spam is more of an attack on strangers. Make money from tricks or what have you. At the same time if you do have fans or followers it may help to actually give them a lot in terms of value in the mail. This way when you are marketing, given you effectively isolate people who want to be marketed to, that people feel there is such an inherent value in your email that they will not unsubscribe. Choosing to pass an email is like sitting through commercials on TV. It is a necessary subscriber evil. On the other hand marketers also create lists of people who purely want promotions. These people expect it. If they do not like the promotions they unsubscribe. The appropriate software for this type of stuff is available free online, and is included in many mail platforms like GMail. Google does not make anything unless it can see a profit from it. The flexibility of GMail makes it a great medium for email marketing. On the other hand creating sales funnels on YouTube, twitter, facebook or any other subscriber based online community builder is a bit more tricky. Any person who looks at the top bloggers for instance realizes that every post is a sales funnel. This is why every post may have a button that says subscribe to my feed, or follow me on twitter or whatever. Great marketers have to be relentless and pull off all of the stops. All videos must be link infested with affiliate deals for instance. Most affiliate companies allow for customized landing pages. This is where you can incorporate yourself and your story into it, along with your brandable call to action.


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