Effectively Leveraging Google Finance

With the current economic situation why am I talking about finance. We all know that the people telling everyone to invest in stuff love watching the investments of the 'regular people' fail. In some sense we should run from the market.

But you my friend as you read this website are into building Internet business. In some sense if we build a big enough business we must rely on external market forces. Whether this be the real estate market for our offices and land investments, the forex market in how we decide our international money collection policies, the loan market if we need to leverage large amounts of money without risking our personal assets, the local market to spread the word of our product or the stock market if we go public.

The world is moving away from the traditional stock markets. Business is changing to the point that the MBA is essentially a worthless degree. According to Guy Kawasaki people with tech skills add value to the company while MBA's subtract value. These ideas obviously display his bias because tech companies made him. Guy Kawasaki can not see beyond his scope. But there is a lot of truth in what he says. 'People are measured by the dollar and beyond that nothing else matters.' This is why we are all here on ibrpro.com because we want to leverage money and add ourselves to people with a net income. I would rather be counting affiliate checks on a job well done than griping about how I am economically, socially, technologically screwed and behind the curve. Because my friends with the Internet and the wealth of information that it offers us, there is no stopping our dreams.

Google Finance plays a big part of this. If we want to be successful entrepreneurs we want to understand the channels that money is travelling. Finance and trends are very important in being an entrepreneur. The trends will 100% of the time point to the next big thing. All it takes from us is imagination. Ten to twenty years ago for example I used a computer. I had no idea that online advertising would make so many people millionaires through these years. Yet there were visionaries that knew this. They quietly built a few niche sites. Today they do not work. They live at home in the most beautiful parts of the world and share their life with their online friends. These people have driven a major part of the world financial culture. They have redefined what it means and what it takes to make money. These marketers have become important parts of tech companies because their interest led them to become closet computer scientists and probably the most skilled at programming on earth. I would encourage you to push to the next big thing and believe in your ability to make it happen and walk away with money and a smile.

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