An Easy Way To Promote Your Twitter Profile On Your Blog

I have seen countless top bloggers really not doing that well on twitter. Bridging twitter and blogging is easy and an essential part of any good marketing campaign.

Most bloggers will for example go out of their way to promote countless products that will cure skin problems, and fix flat tires but they will not do one thing that will help promote their twitter profile.

See twitter works in synergy with blogging. You bring people from your blog to twitter. They follow you. Then people from other sources see all of your followers and follow you too. Then these people go to your blog as well.

This also allows you to swing promote any project, or affiliate deal for example online. Now you have twice the marketing power that you did. You have the fast marketing power of twitter and the long tail search and social market of your blog.

What are some ways that people promote twitter on their blog? One way that I see many of the twitter experts is through badges(Twitter My Site), widgets, blog posts, and any other way imaginable.

Also try bringing your social media synergy from other social media experiences as well. I have seen people effectively promote myspace and twitter as a synergistic couple. This also works well between facebook, friendfeed, digg, and any other social media site. But remember my friends sprinkle the twitter on everything and your online brand will grow like a tree.

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