Ear Phones Hurt Ears Say Apple

Many people have long claimed that iPods really hurt the ears. This has largely to do with the new frequencies delivered close to the ear drum. I was told by a sound engineer that using these iPods causes a lot of ear damage. Well now new news from apple claims that the Iphone and Ipod are electrocuting people's ears. I am not an ear doctor but I could imagine that electricity is horrible for the ear drum, and deep ear.

Unfortunately this is a case where people use technology blindly because of consumption patterns. Many people do not realize that listening to sound chronically, or loud for prolonged periods of time destroys the hearing. This can be extremely deceptive. Many people are unaware of hearing loss. If people progressive loose their treble range how would they know this if they are listening to bass that they continually turn up as their hearing cells and structure are destroyed. It is important to be good to the ears especially if music is your business and online money maker. Take some time off and read up on the new microsoft apps.


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