Does Twitter Change The World

Probably not. It can help people make money. It can help bloggers get traffic. It makes some people think that others are listening to them. Twitter is a game of perception. How people use it to loop in contacts improves the twitter power. Then there is the rank. Any time there is a hierarchy in life if we want to win it may help to climb to the top. People use the perception of twitter power to unload affiliate get rich quick programs. Just like with google money there is now twitter money. I have nothing against people who do this. Many people perceive the pyramid scheme of twitter where the power users prosper and to every one else twitter is a silly social site. Twitter is a good mechanism of announcements. Like you are having a discount on something you are selling. Twitter has cool automatic ways of communication. This is like doing work in our sleep. In that way twitter is the ultimate auto pilot communication tool. In that way the world is changing. I love automation and robots. Automation to income is the way of twitter.


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