Dells From My Kitchen Table Marketing Mastery And Etc

From My Kitchen Table is a well made professional level marketing blog. Marketing is everything. Well if you want to make money much of what you do relates to marketing. See leveraging technology is a form of marketing. Aesthetics is a form of marketing. And even tweeting on the weekend is some form of marketing. I have no idea what marketing really means but I hear it might be important. A good example of effective marketing might be Dell computers.

Basically as the story goes Dell was founded by one persons vision of delivering a great computer at a low cost. Dell's marketing genius then dips into the way that they treat the tribe. An example of this may be the savings coupons for your next computer. At the end of the day a Dell owner pays little money and in return gets sleek great computers.

The latest Dell promotion that I heard of was a computer for under 100 dollars. In return people just sign up for the connect card plan! These little computers sold like hot cakes. Once again Dell blows my mind as the marketing master mind of the century.


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