Dell Chooses Intel

Recently I was reading the story about Dell and Intel. Basically the story believes that Intel is not a monopoly and plays fair. Whether this is true or not depends on what you know. I am not here to write an expose on these tech companies that I may need ad revenue from. If you want that go to Tech Crunch) I am here to actually talk about Intel's branding. Intel has a very strong brand considering that we all know about it and it is not a vehicle product like a computer. We have all had that family member who works for big computer company A and puts us all to sleep with tales of microprocessor troubles and triumphs. Well Dell understands the strong branding of Intel but is also wisely diversifying their portfolio for which they put around a year of time. I believe that most online businesses can benefit from this. For example if you blog, try a few topics on for size every so often then you might just be seeing more of those affiliate checks in the mail. Also try out other online money systems as well which are infinite in type and scope. Dell knows something that I wish many people would know which is Intel is a shiny nugget, but that does not mean Dell is not going to pick up some other nuggets to help their bottom line.


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