Dane Cook Makes Some Good Points About Marketing

I was watching a Dane Cook video on YouTube. The show was Comic Relief 2006 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In the video Dane Cook talks about those commercials where the guy with the beard wants people to donate money to help out people who are affected by poverty. Dane notes that this guy does not really come out and make a strong demand. This is a very good marketing point. If you are creating a landing page it can help to be demanding and forceful to get the conversion. If you are selling one of those Hollywood Actresses opps it might help running an ad like "extras, actors, actresses, directors, assistant directors, and camera work desperately needed.' This would be a better alternative to 'do you want to be an actress?' In some cases having the right tools can add power to your marketing campaign. On Twitter the game is more about relationships. But even on Twitter there are many ways to create action. In Twitter watch out for typical semantic mistakes. In a social media environment words become very hard to understand. This is because most communication is non verbal.

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