Create Simple Polls To Increase Twitter Engagement

In some ways polls are a litmus test for user engagement. When a poll is associated with a stronger brand then many people do the poll. Weaker brands have trouble finding anyone to do a poll. Because of this doing polls on Twitter may be an excellent way of engaging your followers and gauging how effective you are in making an impact in their lives.

There are many types of polls from complex million page multiple choice tests with essays, to simple straw polls that people answer a question from just a few choices. On all polls it may be extremely important to give people a reason to be polled. People do not like taking polls that are merely mining them for information. On the other hand if people get something good out of the polls they will come back for more.

One Twitter poll site that I have been experimenting with is Straw Poll Now. I am not sure if it works but feel free to give it a try.

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