Could You Mine Good Information On Twitter For Blogs?

Blogs are hard things to keep info fed. Every blogger needs many blogs to keep the stuff flowing. Unfortunately all bloggers develop an alpha blog. This is the blog that they spend 90 per cent of their time. This is the blog that they associate their online identity with. And this is the blog that they tell the world about. The only problem is that it is extremely hard to come up with reasonable content day in and out. How many make money online articles does it take to make the mind go blank? Pay pal, Google AdSense, ouch my mind just went blank! Then I go and mine technorati. But I notice like most search engines after I have mined all of the rising posts I am out of ideas. When my mind thinks nothing I feel like I can not even type a word. This is where twitter comes in. Twitter is the most powerful information mining app on earth. Whether I am searching twitter directly, gathering memes from 3rd party sites, or whatever I have realized that my strongest sources of info are my followers, which I follow. I ask questions and I always keep an eye on the tweet stream for my idea engine. I am not the only one who does this. Pretty much every pro blogger and online money person says stuff like 'twitter is the best.' Do not take my word for it. See this secret for yourself.


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