Concise Is Golden

I like reading blogs and recently I came across a good one. Only this blog broke all of the rules. It did not repeat the same topic over and over. It did not give out links, or use pictures, videos and other things. It made a lot of sense. I am really not sure if it is a blog, or just a resume, or social profile. The person did not really care about the whole online thing.

Actually I suspect it was automated! Ha. I wonder if this blogger would give me a business card? I call this the power of simple. And it all confirmed my feelings that twitter is positioned for business.

The business of doing good stuff for business. That is why twitter is a bird and blue and white colored? I believe that winning social media is engaging other sites too. Find the next big thing and tell me about it. Link in to do the talking. Wink. My bet is on Google.


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