Chuck Norris And Ninja Marketing Skills That He Teaches The World

First of all, if anyone out there had the audacity to diss my man Chuck Norris then I will be mad sad. Really Chuck Norris is a superstar. How many movies has Charlie Norris starred in? And how many gym machines has Dr. Norris sold to us. The lesson here is the power of the martial arts as a marketing skill. Chuck Norris is so powerful than alot like in the movie Napoleon Dynamite Chuck Norris offers protection to all of his friends, family and fans. Even if Chuck ain't there he is still powerful enough to stop a shop from getting robbed. How does Mr. Norris do all of this. I would propose through marketing. Let's look at article one. Both Billy Mays and Chuck Norris have beards. The beards make both people very trustable and down to earth. After all the crazy roundhouse spin kicks that Chuck has done to peoples faces, we still love him to death! We still buy the Total Gym.

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We still watch Chuck Norris movies and his famous TV show Walker Texas Ranger where he instilled the American Values of justice to the world. Few Hollywood characters have ever been so successful in building this mystical presence. Chuck Norris may even be more famous than John Wayne. This all applies to making money online because if you choose a Chuck Norris background people will come back to your twitter page. But the secret is that every one has a little Chuck Norris in each of us. In marketing we must find our inner Chuck Norris, then the sky will rain money!


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