Business Functional Models For Stability

Seth Godin makes some good points in his article. Basically he talks about how a business that is dependent on something may not be the best way to go. This article probably makes me feel bad because I started a website about getting a job. What if the job market changes? I am banking on the fact that there will always be serious unemployment regardless of what the experts say. I am also banking on the fact that people without jobs need serious help. They are willing to engage in the content in ways that will be profitable to me. Seth Godin's example is a business magazine. I hope that he did not mean that online. He meant that things are changing and we must create money making systems. Well that is my interpretation. I personally believe that an entrepreneur should never bet on anything. This is where the whole multiple streams of income came from. If one stream dries up is matters little because we are creating new and exciting income streams every day. I also have issues with people willing to pay big money for a business. There are times when this is find but most schemes fail even with the pros making action. I believe that if you build an effective online business that is something you believe in and see preliminary results I believe you will do well. I believe that the strongest business plan is intuition and adaption to new stuff. The world we live in changes. Perception and markets change in the blink of an eye. I think people who understand where the world is and where it is going will be extremely successful. This is related to making sense of information. I would bet on the wind in a different sense. I believe that wind power is the next big business thing. Even though the wind comes and goes the power grid is built for the farms. Electricity is what drives the area where I live. These flowing electrons and their magic energy is worth their weight in gold. Online businesses built around this visible gold acquisition will make too much money. But you should never listen to me. Because I just made that all up! Please leave a comment if you know what I am talking about.


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