Building A Successful Resume Requires Ingenuity

Many times we want to work for a company to help us get our foot in the door of some business. Unfortunately it could be our resume and not our experience that is causing the companies to close the door. Even though writing a resume is a skill if people apply marketing techniques to their resume, they will not only get more jobs, but they will make money also. So why should I hire you? This is the first fundamental question that must be answered on a resume. Most employers care little or past employment or even references. Motivation is key. If you can communicate why you will add value to the company, you will stand a much better chance of getting hired. Secondly how does your resume differentiate itself from others? Do you have an online component with a 10 minute video that displays your talents, and how they will translate over? Most resumes lack a human component. Most people do not want to hire off of words. And finally how professional is your resume? Does it convey the subliminal to the targeted audience that is trying not to hire you?


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