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There is an ancient online debate. What is better Wordpress or Blogger? Really who cares. I am more concerned with money to be honest. But for this post I will say blogger is better because it may be cheaper. Well a major concern many people owning a website is Search Engine Optimization. Bloggers are generally happier when Google loves their blog and sends millions of people. Unfortunately not every site can be #1 in Google. This has given way to many SEO myths, some of which may be true. The first thing I hear a lot from Wordpress money bloggers is that 'Google loves blogspot because they own it and want it to succeed.' The people at Google like Matt Cutts and Eric Schmidt have both to my knowledge said that they do not give one or the other the edge. Believe who or what you want. Secondly many people have long noted how blogger lacks certain SEO characteristics that generally has. The reaction at Google and Blogger has been mixed. Some great SEO's for instance have stressed that SEO is moving away from the complicated game. They have opted for optimizing the physical site to get the crowd to like it and link in. Other's stress that this whole movement away from SEO is sorta a false positive. At the end of the day though I suspect that Wordpress is better for SEO. I have an easier time driving heavy search traffic, getting ad conversions, and having comments for instance. I know that the wordpress comments are generally easier but I can drive millions of comments on it. I believe that if you want to make serious money online it is important to use both. Blogger has its own community and profile, and so does wordpress. Ignoring blogger is the equivalent of ignoring Twitter. You can stay away from the buzz or you can milk wordpress traffic for you blogger blogs, and vica versa. I personally use any technology that gets money. I do not care what it is called or what other people think of it. Money is everything to me.

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