The Biggest Online Lies That I Have Ever Heard

Recently I was pouring my mind over how people should do things like make a resume. It occurred to me how much false information exists on these subjects. The question may be why help others when they become your competition. I guess it is typical in media to flash credentials or how much money is earned. This wows people. But what is missing is real, relevant and good information. It is a sad state of many people of the world when things come to this. The best way to combat these shout wire advice type of sites is to stop reading them. Put that time into writing ourselves. Digging our own well. Blazing our own trail. People need not get twitter to use it. People need not learn coding to create a simple image with a program or customize a template. I believe this is the whole classic basis of the blog on blogging themed sites. Basically we need not much to get going. And those people who keep going and push it do well regardless of how many articles that they read online. The world does not really care how fast people type a text message or how well they used software in 2007 or 1997. Money will be where you want to go. So just get there.


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