Better Business Cards Get More Business

I remember the days going into my parent's offices and picking up those white business cards. The paper was a nice weave and the letters were like melted in plastic. I thought these cards ruled. What I did not know is that these cards were the cheapest business cards available. Later in some bigger cities, at more foreword thinking businesses I was amazed at the cards. These big money companies want it done right. They know that the good impression increases conversions. A business card is similar to an online advertisement. If there is no bit than the card is nothing more than a name and a number. In this case your business cards that you spent your hard earned money will end up going into people pockets and spin in the washing machines. Many bold people will just throw the cards on the ground. I mean why not? Why should people carry something around that they feel probably rightfully has no value. On the other hand it may help all of us to invest in the hottest business card technology to date. Bold business cards make a statement. People are more likely to hold on to your card and take your business seriously. This can be especially effective for people who are in the 'high tech' industry. Why not wow people, win the first impression game and make millions of dollars in the process. Just put some good info on the cards.


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