Bacteria Orchestra Of Iphones Makes Viral Video Riches

Yesterday I wrote an article about the guys who played in an iPhone band. They were musically talented. This translated into viral video views and money in the bank. Send some of the big online media traffic to an affiliate link and I just thought of the best way to get rich quick online ever. Especially when every site covers these stories for weeks. Now the story of the bacterial orchestra is one that I forgot to cover. I thought that it had no relevance to making money online. Today I read the story and realized how much relevance it did have. Basically people do strange things on iPhone and use it to make money online. Well this is all said and good but this iPhone music video less than impressed me. I suspect the people in the video are not power users. Something is wrong and this story will probably end up on the fail blog as well. It is kinda cool but the sounds their phones pick up really does not make a shred of music. 3 year olds and harmonicas sound better to me.


Blogger October 13, 2016 at 8:15 AM  

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