Apple Is Experiencing More Computer Troubles

Ever since the rise of Google and the push towards computing in the cloud, Apple and Microsoft have been having a hard time creating software and related comparable products. This has allowed for the emergence of a new breed of computer companies. The most notable company is the winner of the micro blog wars Twitter. Who would have thought that communication could be so quick and powerful? Apple responded with apps and devices for this. But then every company came back doing the same thing. Some companies say why try to compete with Apple when we can sorta join them. The best way of doing this would be to clone the apple experience and save our customers a lot of money. Apple has had to spend the time and money making these clones stop. The economic loss to Apple is substantial given that it does not take up a large market share. To make matters worse Microsoft is doing well in the computer wars and has convinced many people that Apple is just 'too expensive/just looks/not for regular people.' These commercials have served to re educate the people to return to an honest computer company that sells equipment to get stuff done. Apple is looking to release their third model of the Iphone this summer. Unfortunately for Apple the mobile smart phone competition now has literally given everyone the Internet phones at a fraction of the cost. Apple needs a miracle.


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