All Of Your Twitter Followers Deserve Twesents

In the game of social media it is important to give if you want to get. Probably the best way to be kind to your Twitter followers is to give them a Twesent. This is probably a much more effective way of becoming an E Millionaire than the usual automated link dropping game that looks like 'thank you for following me, now visit my etc.' Twesents build on the law of social media attraction which is so essential for being successful.

There was a time when I thought all of this stuff in social media was ridiculous. But there was a common thread in the people who gave the most gifts. They usually had the most friends that were extremely loyal.

None of us can make it online as lone rangers. The quicker that people realize the power of social media to help their business the quicker that they can make the money rain hundred dollar bills in 2009.

Invest in others with nothing in return and people will give back, link in, talk about you. In effect you are in when you become a part of the twitterati. People will write on blogs about your Tweets and how you effectively use Twitter. This is much better than people calling you a spammer.

Love is the cure for everything.

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