The 10 Biggest Obstacles In Effectively Using Social Media

1. People do not have realistic social media expectations. We can't all have as many followers as Britney Speares has without working at it. The best way to do this is by creating your web of stuff you do online. This allows people on one of your places to figure out what else you are doing. They may or may not come. But just linking up people will take up your offer occasionally.

2. Diminishing returns is especially powerful online. There is more than a fine line between quality and quantity of content. You may be better off with a great picture of you and an extremely short description than a billion bad posts.

3. Once a social site is not the next big thing it may pay to move on. This is especially true if you are trying to maxamize your profits from social media leveraging. Right now Twitter is important, so spend a lot of time there.

4. Open up to all people and do not judge. Just because people have problems with you does not mean that you need to be stuck in that trap. Most angry people have been wasting their life online for decades and do not make much money. Times can be tough I know, but do not take this out on strangers or people you are jelous of. Use their strengths, learn from them, and benefit from being in their network.

5. There is a major communication gap in social media. Communication is still the hardest thing to do online. People from all over the world will communicate with you in a medium that may cause more confusion. As a result communicate wisely. Keep this in mind.

6. Take breaks. We live in a streaming life now. But I bet if some people got outside once in awhile it would do them a world of good.

7. It is not a competition. It is about communication, collaboration, and lasting links around the world.

8. Have something to promote. Whether this be a website, your profile somewhere, or a product generally have some external purpose.

9. Open up multiple accounts. We all have many emails. Try automating an account or trying a few things. Multiple accounts can also help splice up your different sites or products you are promoting.

10. Do not worry if people say bad things to you, because most people probably disagree but do not care enough to get involved in web arguements.


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