Tweet Meme Alternatives

Twitter is bigger than anything on earth. Whether people talk of the iPhone or Oprah , Twitter seems to be the place to see and be seen. There are more celebrities these days on Twitter then there are in Hollywood.

Twitter is much like a club for people who love socializing online. This is an extremely important way to get your business message out. Make people believe in you. Have people help you in your life. If you have questions, millions of people have answers on Twitter.

Tweeting content is part of the party and the chase. Content and links are a bait on Twitter. People blindly re tweet ideas and content and as a result if a person comes up with something within the next hour their idea can travel to every Twitter user on earth! Imagine if that idea was your product. I call this the Internet sales miracle.

Well the meme is great but there is a new cat in town. The Retweetist is much like the Tweet Meme but a bit different too. The Retweetist is big on stats too. See how well your content was Retweeted last week.

So how are you going to get your content retweeted this week? Will it be your cool titles? Probably the trust worthiness of your site coupled with a decent story can consistently get you far with the online meme game.

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How To Learn About Your Twitter Followers

Twitter followers are an important mystery for many people. When followers jump on the boat by the thousands daily it is extremely hard to keep track of people and indivdually know each follower. Yet we know it is good business practice to intimately connect with all people. To find out what their passions are and share business cards online.

A great way to improve your online business rituals may include using Twimailer so we can read our mail about these new followers. This is much like a summer camp councelor that learns all of the kid's names from pictures before they come. The devil is in the details and staying ahead of the game like this can pay off big time through friendships, and lifelong business partners.

It is important to really grasp where they are going with their profile and tweets. Connect with their interests and they will give back to you. Mutiality is the most important business tactic. The richest online business people and marketers give back more than they take. Generosity is worth big money.


Should I Post To Twitter And Facebook At The Same Time

This is an excellent question many marketers have. With the rise of automation and power posting services like Hello Txt the debate is raised whether bloggers, marketers, social media people, and other web aficionados should mega post their life work.

On one hand these tools are here for that why not use them and benefit. On the other hand excessively self promoting in social media can negatively impact viral growth of content marketing. There is really no right answer in this debate.

So how can people more ethically use these services? One way is to create a few accounts on the social media sites. Link the two accounts. Communicate in your 'professional account' that people will be receiving updates about your weekly podcast radio show, your blog posts, and your vlog about building a business. On your personal account just have fun sharing web content. This way people can opt in to your content rather then opting in to you and being left with you stream of content that they do not like.

Many marketers will often have accounts up with links and seal most of their affiliate sales with email to keep their marketing tactics and communication private. Also they can have hotter calls to action that other people wont be bothered.

The automation, bulk action versus by hand debate will continue. But one thing is for sure. People like dealing with real people at the end of the day. Once a marketer removes the human element out of the equation the question remains how can the marketer tastefully and humanely automate the money making process.

Stay tuned because within the next few years the Internet will experience a pandemic of automated blam, junk, and virus packed craziness. Keep it real and play nice.

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Are MBA's Worth It

I have been contemplating this question a lot lately since the last post. I do feel that because this is a business site that business education may be a small part of the equation.

On one hand we all know that people do not need an MBA to win the Twitter game. This new world tech order is a major game changer. The degree in a practical sense may not be as valuable a tool as tech training per say.

Yet at the same time if some one does learn the tech through a computer school on the weekends and an MBA during the week this could open up some doors. The MBA would be used to break into the corporate sector of the company. And the technology computer, robotic, engineering skills would be used to get jobs that are better positioned to make a large impact on the bottom line of the company.

I knew many people who did this when I was in college. Some guy for instance was getting a masters in Geology and Physics. But during the summer he got certified for programming, IT, and many other computer skills. Basically he really diversified his asset package. As a result he is in a much better position than I am to be innovative and successful in the corporate world. He took control of his situation and in being a leader in his life people will in turn recognize this.

I think this person realized how insignificant school was but kept at it because of scholarships, and job involvements.

But if you are detached from the system and do not take this initiative there is a great possibility that you could be working a low paying job with an MBA. If you do not stand out and order your life up in terms of your goals and passions you will never get them. And an MBA won't get you any closer. Never loose attachments from the online communities for instance because many times school takes so much energy that day to day making money online type of stuff will be back burned.

For instance while you are writing your papers all night long for 3-5+ years I will be cranking out this stuff online. You may be able to cover the overhead publishing your papers online with AdSense for instance so in some sense if you try to monetize your school experience an MBA may not be bad.

There is actually a major shortage in the business world of business leaders with executive experience, know how, education, and foresight. Countless companies do go under because the owner does not know solid business principles. An example may be a fast food joint that serves slow fast food. There are many of these out there. They give us more real cooked food for a little more money. Many of these companies because the owners could not mechanize the production process, had no foresight on their Internet marketing campaigns, and no ability to expand their limits with new products causes the place to fail. There is a big demand for knowledgeable MBA's in these companies. But they will probably not hire you until you have experience. And you can't have experience without work. So we are at square A where you figuratively have to mop floors in a cubicle jungle until some over worked crazy person will accidentally promote you.

I would rather be an entrepreneur. I mean look at me. I am average but if I make money no one can argue with that. These Internet checks in the mail are something that I am proud of and have gotten me some good jobs. The employer could care less about my endless work experience or education. To be honest I do not care either. But when I tell them that my real passion is Internet marketing and my small success they perk up and hire me even though I talk funny and am eccentric. This is kind of how the world works. If you produce money they will hire you. But once again it is a catch 22. Why would you want to work for a lame company if you are already producing a comfortable 5 figure+ income on the Internet? That is what this blog is all about. It won't make me money but I enjoy sharing stuff and gaining cool twitter friends from it. I love and appreciate every person I meet online. We are here for a reason to make money online and improve our lives one dollar (insert your currency) at a time.

So please follow me and begin the web money journey today! Turn up some tunes and begin the journey.


How Can I Market My Book

Books may be the strangest testament of wasteful resources that I can think of. Think about it. To get the paper people cut down perfectly good trees and plants. To get the ink toxic substances are made in a factory. To put the time in is taking away valuable life time that could be spent staring at the stars and the friendly UFOs that fly by at night.

If you are anything like me then honestly you are more interested in that thing called money. You know those greens looks especially good on autopilot! That is exactly what a book is about. Creating a revenue stream.

Books sell much like a blog post on tweet meme. First you must get the post in. Then you get a few people to tweet your site. Eventually if the title is good, the subject is a division your site will peak. At this point people will just tweet it for the numbers. This is a lot like best seller books that get sold just because they are best sellers. Some of these books are really nothing like the great poets of yesteryear.

But in the book game branding is not enough. Rather niche marketing is of the utmost importance. What do I mean by this? Books in book stores and libraries are arranged by subject matter. We want to buy a book about something, written by someone (usually famous) and this stuff better be great or else.

If your subject is business you may want to narrow it down to business in Missouri. From there you want to narrow it down to a specific shoe factory in Missouri. From there you want to narrow it down to an ant's life who lived in an ant hill near the factory. From there you want to have your whole book on a single second of that ants amazing life. This is why existentialism sells so well in the book stores. Because the best authors can make a mound out of a mole hill on any super specific niche ever. The devil is in the details in your writing, in your niche and in your marketing. Your book must both satisfy a basic need and have pop.

What do I mean by pop. I mean powerful operational prose. This is the stuff that grabs people, and makes them believe there is something deeper. Because in this world where there seems to be a million experts on anything you need you book to stand out. The pop is the reason why Tony Robbins sells a lot of books and some other person saying the same stuff sells nothing. He is bigger than life. I see the pop factor on all successful affiliate products, online infomercials, and books. Even Shake sphere did this. He went where he smelled the money and even wrote some strange books. Some of his books were even written by the publishing company and later casted out by scholars! Be like the best sales person that you can be and try to convince me in two sentences why I should buy that vacuum cleaner that you are selling. Notice that I did not say book.

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Where The Value Of An MBA Does Lie

With the economy doing crazy things many people are considering going back to school. Perhaps some want to get a masters in business. While that would be a great status symbol the real question for any entrepreneur is does the degree actually hold value?

The MBA is a degree with a wide range of curriculum's from various schools. Many schools break it up into specialties. Business is after all a very opened ended type of thing. Business happens on all levels. For example a business school in Miami may focus on trade whereas a business school in Los Angeles may focus on the music industry.

Because of this a major aspect of finding the value in the degree may be targeting to what is obtainable. For instance if you already have a foot in an IT company it may be beneficial to target an MBA with an IT emphasis. This would probably increase your job prospects and guarantee after leaving college.

But wait why is an entrepreneur blog discussing getting jobs? For the purpose of this blog I will say if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you will face massive uncertainty, failure, hard work, and crazy journeys. School will do nothing for you. You will be on whatever square you are on. When you leave it is your initiative, mental strength and will power to succeed.

What about academic value? Generally schools do an abysmal job of giving people any real world value. Generally 1 percent of MBAs really score the job that they advertise on the school site. These people are generally well connected, have great social skills, and tremendous initiative in their self branding efforts.

Are loans and debt worth it? Yes and no. Being in a good debt is nothing to feel bad about. At the same time these loans could be used at present to utilize your skills to start a business. For instance I would rather spend that cash on domains so at least I have something to hold onto. If college is 100 grand a year for instance I would rather take a loan out and get a top level domain like . ( a billion dollar domain is out of my league but I would get something for the price)

What if college is too much and I get overwhelmed? Countless people drop out of the MBA game. Many never return to grad school again. Maybe its in their head. Maybe the school is just a hard one. Maybe anything else. But if you attend grad school do not be surprised if you end up not graduating and feeling bad that you have spent the money.

What are some alternatives? Take the loans and get computer equipment, programs and other gadgets. Relocate where there are more opportunities, jobs, good people, fast promotions, and a great life. Invest the money into more tangible goods like real estate for instance. You can get a condo in a big city for nothing these days. Travel the world. Open up an Internet cafe. The possibilities are endless. Never limit yourself to the choices that society gives you. You are smart. Think outside the box and answer the why question. Then do it.

What authority do you have in giving people career advice? Absolutely nothing my friends. It is your life. It is your choices. It is your consequences, successes and failures. You are the pirate at the helm of a pretty tight sailing ship. I know a storm is coming, but making choices like building your online brand will save your life one day. I can guarantee that.

To conclude leave a comment that is more intelligent than anything that I can muster.

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Rate Things On Twitter

Opinions are big business online. Everyone has an opinion and they are often valued. If you had a bad experience, most people would appreciated you sharing it with the community. This allows them not to make the same mistake, and make better choices.

Plodt is a service that brings the ability of people to rate stuff on Twitter. Plodt will give value to your tweets and allow you to leverage it to sell products for instance. Plodt also has a widget for the face book so you can draw facebookers to your Twitter opinions. I smell social media leveraging here!

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Create Simple Polls To Increase Twitter Engagement

In some ways polls are a litmus test for user engagement. When a poll is associated with a stronger brand then many people do the poll. Weaker brands have trouble finding anyone to do a poll. Because of this doing polls on Twitter may be an excellent way of engaging your followers and gauging how effective you are in making an impact in their lives.

There are many types of polls from complex million page multiple choice tests with essays, to simple straw polls that people answer a question from just a few choices. On all polls it may be extremely important to give people a reason to be polled. People do not like taking polls that are merely mining them for information. On the other hand if people get something good out of the polls they will come back for more.

One Twitter poll site that I have been experimenting with is Straw Poll Now. I am not sure if it works but feel free to give it a try.

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Ellie Drake Is Inspirational

I have been covering quite a few inspirational speakers on this blog. Whether it be Joe Vitale, or Tony Robbins, many of these people make similar points. This may be because there are some bits of advice that are really good. The equivalent of this in the make money world would be try google AdSense, affiliate programs, twitter and tell me what you think.

Ellie Drake is a big time inspiration speaker. She often loads the plate with many different things that can be hard to take in but in some ways they are condensed. This video is a series of blurbs that are like some of her greatest hits in being successful in business. Ellie Drake also has a Myspace page with many great videos. It is good to see people who sell stuff and making a lot of money still putting the time into creating the free net content for all of us to study. Check out here videos I highly recommend them.

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Using Scepticism To Uncover The Money Making Process

There is a big backlash online against the big make money online movement. Many people see it as a scam and have rightfully so created numerous blog posts, forums, videos and more online to uncover how these scams work. For me I only laugh because any time some one is trying to sell something I ask questions. Why? Because sales and marketing thrive in not telling the truth, pseudo spirituality, or having in answer. Rather marketing plays into beliefs, values, ambitions, goals and dreams. Because of this I take the free stuff and make the most of it. What are some examples of me doing this process?

1. I go to a site and take a few good free twitter automation tools and use them to gain more followers. At the same time I avoid buying the 300 dollar twitter automation to millions book and robot.

If you look at what I have done above, I chose a path where I can't get burned. We all know how important social media is. And we all know how important having the right tools is. And we all know how important branding and marketing are. So I put that together and only spend money on things like domains and other stuff that have redeeming real immediate values versus the get rich and happy quick medicine show dreams. Some stuff may work but 99.9% are just excellent ways to take our money.

If you have ever been to a big city you would know what I am talking about. People who are exposed every day to the mass market are extremely sceptical. I had a rich friend for instance in the city who would never pay anything expensive. He would shop at quality super discount stores and had a really good spending record. This was contrary to the fact that he did have basically the unlimited income. He cared little of money. Rather his rational choices increased the quality of his life. I believe that just rejecting scams for what there are, is a simple way to have a better, deeper and more fulfilling life. The best things in life are free and that applies to brand building on the net. If you need more information on being sceptical check out the blog Sceptico. Basically reasoning through things is both enlightening and probably a sane approach to all aspects of our lives including making money online. Enjoy the journey but most importantly live in this moment, it is really all we got.

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Joe Vitale Tells Us To Take Action

Dr. Joe Vitale is an inspirational and spiritual speaker. Much like Tony Robins, Dr. Joe Vitale roots success in spiritual fulfillment. Basically if we are not in line with the devine powers success will not come to us. I have heard on many Joe Vitale videos that we have an under the surface a feeling that we will be too successful. Moving these things out of the body detoxifies the body and makes us more successful. Joe Vitale has a famous quote to say stuff to the devine. Basically finding love, thankfulness, forgiveness, and appreciation we will reach a nirvana in the moment. Because that is what attracting wealth and being wealthy is all about right now! Turn this on in your ideas. Be more productive by the dreams of Joe Vitale. Joe Vitale also wrote a book about making money on the Internet. Some of Joe Vitale's Amazon best selling books are below. Check them out along with his numerous great free videos on all of the video sites like YouTube and google video. I highly recommend spending the time connecting with the stuff Joe Vitale says because he is onto something.

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How To Make Money On Twitter With Coupons

Every great marketer knows that an offer become much more enticing with a coupon. Twitter is a great place to market coupons. Doing this makes people feel good about passing on the savings to their twitter followers. The incentive will drive followers into the deal and we all walk away with cash.

Offering rewards is a great marketing model especially when the economy is down or sales are flat.

So how can I get coupons on my twitter? The answer is an amazing service called Twt Coupon check it out.

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One Way To Create A Twitter Contest

Having a contest on twitter is an excellent way to do many things. First of all a contest is a way to generate buzz around your profile and your brand. This will increase twitter followers, traffic, conversions and money in the bank. Secondly having a contest is a legitimate way to give back to the twitter community and have some fun. Whether you are giving away a pair of socks signed by the whole Red Sox and White Sox teams or a DVD about how to generate many targeted twitter followers I believe having a contest will take your online game to the next level.

Cheddr Media is one way to bring you ingenious contests to the rest of the world. Then use Twitter Fall to bring the contest to people who do not even follow you. This will expand your network naturally so your contest will be a slam dunk!

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The Latest And Greatest Image And Video To Twitter Tool

Video and images can help drive traffic to a twitter account. A video or image with a one sentence blurb or short description may be one of the simplest and most profound twitter marketing technique on earth.

This media then walks its way up tweet meme and is viewed by many. Once the hype wanes all we have to do is repeat.

Image Shack a service that I have previously talked about brought us Y Frog which is one of the easiest and most technologically advanced twitter media sharing tools on the planet.

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The Google Wave Is Taking The Social Media World By Storm

Look out Twitter there is a new wave in town. It is called Google Wave. The Wave is being developed as a browser enhancer. The same people who created Google Maps came up with this product. So what exactly does Google Wave do? Twitter taught Google the importance of instant messages, social media and bring the web together in an open way. Google Wave is an open source product that combines social media and messaging. Basically the Wave is like Twitter that can be taken everywhere with increased functionality. The Wave transfers the letters in real time. We need not hit send. We need not wait for the next message so there is a time constraint which hurts slow typers and thinkers. This way the Wave is like real conversation. Pictures can be sent instantaneously on Wave. People can essentially compile and organize each others pictures. The Wave is fully embeddable on web pages which could put all social media sites in the dark! People need not answer from the blog but from where ever they have the wave. With the Wave people can bring their followers and friends from other communities. Breaking down the barriers will increase every one's online social capital by increasing the overall collaboration of the network. Also things can be embedded in the wave like advertisements, search boxes , and videos. People can then edit everything in real time across the wave which is the most effective hands on collaboration the world has ever known. This is more efficient than looking over some one's shoulder who is typing something. When people make a change the Wave says who did it. This way if someone is trying to sabotage the Wave people know so it takes the mystery out of the whole thing. The Wave is the most compatible feature rich social media experience ever known on earth. Basically any software will have the ability to be stacked in the wave. This brings our computers and their technology onto the net and into the cloud. This may increase software value. I could see where the Wave would go crazy if lets say 1000 people were editing a page simultaneously. Eventually letters will start flashing and people would quit a wave full of gibberish. Wave has live spell check as well. Links can be added one click right from the Wave search function called Linky. The Wave is great for social gaming as well. Wave works with Twitter called a TWAVE! The Wave also allows companies to have closed systems even if this goes against the Google brand. The Wave incorporates real time language translation with Rosie the robot. The applause at the end of the Wave's intro to the world is bigger than that at any concert.

See also:

Wave Protocol Site

Google Wave API

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A Service That Lets Twitter Friends Phone Each Other

In business we really want to take advantage of twitter. Once we make millions of friends on twitter the next step is to talk to them on a phone. Phweet makes this all possible.

Honestly I do not fully understand how Phweet works. I think it is some way of talking on a phone through a Phweet. It would be cool if this service was a free long distance thing like skype was and is.

Phweet seems like a great idea that should be of major profit to countless businesses. I am sure that this insight will be the tipping point that puts your amazing business on the map.

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How To Generate Friends On Twitter

Because I do not have many friends on twitter I am always looking for great ways to generate more people. Whether this be following a whole bunch of people or leaving blog comments with my twitter URL I have done everything.

Well when I think I have seen everything something new comes along. Twitter Friend Generator is a site that claims to add or generate friends on twitter. The catch seems to be that in order to get the adder to work we have to fill out an affiliate deal. Whether this works or not at the end of the day the person who set up the site is a genius.

They must be the power affiliates that walk away with millions of dollars every month. Wow I am so jealous! Smart thinking.


Tweet Adder Anouther Automation Product

There seems to be quite a few twitter automation products. Much like tweet later, social too, etc we have products like Tweet Adder. I have been watching the tutorials for Tweet Adder. It seems to operate from in the computer. I like how it targets posts which is very interesting. If you are automating off of the twitter social search mechanism I would reckon this would be more powerful than merely auto following by profile. After all profiles may not reflect the value of the tweets or the social interactions. The software also lets people target the followers of their competition which is pretty cool. Often the gurus are followed by extremely active and loyal users. In many cases getting and giving is the ideal situation but this software allows for taking important 'active' users. Tweet adder also has tools that utilize your history to employ automation actions which is interesting.

This program looks cool but the money is definitely a barrier as many twitter automation tools are free.

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How To Tweet Using Email: 2Tweet

Smart phones have battery issues. As a result many people may have a not so smart phone when they are on business trips. They may get stuck with only a cell email type of thing. So how could they post tweets to twitter?

The answer is a twitter tool called 2 tweet. Is 2 Tweet powerful? If you consider tweeting videos and photos a sing of power then yes.

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Understand How You Use Twitter

If you want to learn how to be a successful social media person online you need to keep a few considerations in mind.

1. Focus on real normal people who will actually follow you back on twitter. If they do not reciprocate then UN follow them. Following people who do not follow you back is hurting the ability of your profile to get more followers and win that game.

2. Study yourself and not others. There is a big movement of people to just read more blogs, read more tweets and they will be successful. Just end your distractions and work on your own projects. Look out for number one.

One way of keeping an eye on your twitter use is through Tweet Stats. Find out how much you tweet per day, month and how much people respond to you. This site can be a revealing productivity hack. I for instance am more productive on the weekends. As a result I will try to up the tweet production on Tuesday. This should generate more money into my pocket and make my life easier. Another good hack is to up your tweets during hot times like the evening. Think of yourself as the replacement of the prime time news. Only this way you are making money and not those crazy people who blab on the TV set!

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How To Get More Hits On Your Twitter Links

Obviously if you are a marketer one thing pains you more than anything. This sadness is caused by the strange tiny URL links that go down from you on twitter. Like who exactly would ever want to click on something that looks more like a computer error code!?

The answer to our prayers is Twi BZ. Twi BZ is a trusted name in URL shortening that preserves the integrity of the base word in the domain. For for example people would be able to see the abbreviation slash word 'ibrpro' from my domain and instantly recognize it as the most trusted source for online business information on the web. Building trust is the biggest component in brand building. This is why many marketers for example get other people to market their products. This way they can collect the money and wake up at 4 pm and get started with their day that looks more like a permanent vacation.

If you want that life style try a different tools to shorten your URL. Twi BZ may be your ticket to financial freedom.

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Condense Your Twitter Accounts

I am on the same boat as everyone else. For everything I do I naturally open up a new twitter account. Unfortunately to get into a different account I would have to sign out of twitter then refill the fields and hit the enter button.

Doing this zaps the energy from me and wastes a lot of my time. As a result I have scoured the web for solution. Splitweet brings the multiple account twitter experience under one roof.

This system may benefit people who launch a start up every month for instance and want a single deck to do everything on. Marketers may also benefit who make made for product twitter accounts. Whatever be your case you may find Splitweet helpful.

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Do You Have Your Voice On Twitter

When twitter first came out a long time ago I wondered what are some things people can do with it. The tools evolved with twitter and basically answered any question I had about the legitimacy and greatness of twitter.

As proud members of the online business community we need to always find the latest and greatest way to effectively leverage twitter for maximum profits. One method is to use a tool app medium to give people a little extra nudge towards your branded website for instance.

Twit Say is the perfect tool for this. Remember Twit Say only goes for like ten seconds so it may help to know what you are doing before recording your special message.

What are you going to tell your followers?

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Marketing, Business Blogging, Sales Funnels, And Money

Stuff can be sold on a business blog. But it may help just to niche market. Set up review sites where you basically pitch products more than reviewing them. This way people suspect that you are being honest and selling a decent product. Also setting up some kind of product data base with product reviews that can go viral with your niche product are extremely effective. So too are automated viral product widgets. Making money always comes back to robots. And never forget the profitability of the feed.

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Twitter Is Run By Smart People

Recently I read a Tech Crunch article that had the interview of the twitter owner Biz Stone (name) . My impression is that twitter is here for the long run. Unlike Apple and Facebook that chase hype and devalue their brands twitter moves slow and strategically towards offering superior function.

For instance in the interview Biz Stone was asked countless times to do what some people really want. Biz said that they need to take care of some basic stuff on twitter before they move to other things. Biz Stone even sited the redesign of the homepage. This is good news because Facebook has long been criticized for web design issues. Twitter really wants to get the function perfect before they let people post glitter text.

Biz Stone talks of the importance of the hash # tags and the retweets RT and how he is looking to enhance the twitter experience around these things. This will make the twitter conversation even more powerful.

The talk goes to location aka the legendary geo tweet. Google went this way and so will twitter.

The biggest takeaway from the video is the one spike of the hair and drinking the coffee is hip. Two things that I need to start doing more of.

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Twitter Ad Company Tweet Bucks

Making money with Twitter is easy. Twitter drives conversions on websites and businesses. Twitter builds brands. And twitter gets things done.

When people search for something they realize that twitter offers the newest and best content. So wouldn't well targeted twitter ads make a lot of money? They do.

Take Tweet Bucks for instance. With Tweet Bucks people shorten their url which gets framed by ads. If people view or click these ads then people get money. If you refer people you make 10 percent of what they make which is a rocking residual in my book. The other advantage of twitter bucks is that the payout is around 25 dollars so people need not make a lot of money to get paid.

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Social Media Tools Roundup

Social media tools will define a generation. Facebook and twitter are gigantic onions of stuff. But using the tools can be big game changers. I remember the first time I used a Facebook app. I though wow this page looks different.

Twitter is a special example. There are probably more twitter related tool, and app type of sites then there are actual users of twitter.

So what are some interesting things to add to the social media tool roundup week? How about People Browsr. People Browsr is a complex and powerful site that helps people more fully use social sites especially the best one on earth named twitter.

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A Twitter Tool That Helps People Figure Out The Impact Of A Tweet

With followers on twitter going up and down people are generally not sure how their updates effect this. Tweet Effects is a great service that helps people learn what the effects of their various tweets are. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when using Tweet Effects:

1. If you loose 700 people on one tweet and gain back the same 700 on the next tweet you may have not really lost any followers. This may be a twitter glitch.

2. I have noticed that tweeting generally makes more followers than less. As a result it is a mistake to be so afraid of people not following you that you never put out the content.

3. There is nothing wrong with people not following you. Maybe they just outgrew your message.

4. I noticed the tweets that got the most unfollows unintentionally looked like some get rich quick scam. This is problematic because I usually promote many posts about making money online. As a result I may rethink how I word the tweets that link to this blog and tweet meme.

5. Tweet Effects has a cool badge for the brave. Seriously this is a great concept in being open about your success and failures. Being transparent is big money.

6. Usually when I got followers for a tweet, I noticed that over the next few tweet these people unfollowed. This could be because my automated reciprocity follow has not kicked in. This may also be as many have stated with driving followers that most people in general unfollow over time. An example is that the #followfriday has the #unfollowsaturday and #unfollowtherestoftheweek.

Tweet Effects is a great twitter analysis tool. At the same time there is the same trap as with google analytics in that people spent to much time analyzing and not enough time hustling and producing the money making contents.

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An Easy Way To Make Twitter More Interactive

Twitter is a very social type of community. Many people are rated by their ability to be social, do social things, and have an interactive tweet stream. These are the people that interest us. They are people magnets and they can help us get more followers as well.

Besides re tweeting and throwing @s all of the time there are some other options. Take Tweete Rate for instance.

Tweete Rate can also help promote your profile, because the site keeps track of popular users. Effectively becoming a power user of Tweete Rate could mean more followers.

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