Why You Should Start A Business

I can not emphasize the importance of starting a business for all people. Starting a business can be a good first step in grabbing a hold of life and finances. Owning your own business is a burstable income that may out pay your wildest dreams. Do you have the next million dollar idea? Of course you do. The only problem is that if you do not invest in stuff, own a business, or do other entrepreneur activities, you are just throwing you life away. OK maybe not, but I can never believe my friends, who want to start a business, write a book, become a rock star, actor, boat captain, and never do these things. Taking iniative is extremely important. Also evaluating what works is extremely important. Do not waste you life on failed ideas. Do not spend you time of failed paradigns of yesteryear. I believe there is nothing more revolutionary, than wanting to be successful in life. Whether that means starting a hippy commune, a fortune 500 company, or becomming a teacher, doing something you really like. The 9 to 5 deal is simply messed. I do not have to tell you that. Being a slave to society is equally demoralizing. Stop having loosers run your life. Instead become a winner and run other peoples lives. Do this respectfully. Businesses loose more money every year, because of the jerks that run them. Saving money is making money. And making money is the secret to millions. It is out there my friends. There are treasures in the bottom of the ocean, and there are mountains to be climbed. There is no reason to not lead an inspiring, and revolutionary life. There is no reason to be so remotely different, than the pack rats, that you do not even recognize your own appearance! There are those that sit, and there are those that act. We are all actors in life's play. Who do you want to be? Seriously. Barack Obama for instance dared to dream. He won. You can win too. If you have a plan you will win. If you invest in cheap value real estate, you will win. If you start an Internet business, you will win. Nothing is that hard. Live life and love life. Be respectful of those around you. After you win teach others for free. If you have no money start a blog on blogger.com and use google AdSense at AdSense.com. If you have some money upgrade to something else. I believe that this blog will help people grow, and at the least supply them with money to buy coffee, and at most make them a multi millionaire. Writing blogs, and putting together video projects, and other multimedia things ,helps people improve their craft, and communication skills. I believe the most strategic location to start making money is online. The Time is now. The Revolution is here.

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