Why The Time Your Blog Traffic Spends Engaged In Your Content Is More Important Than Unique Hits

There is a lot of talk about unique visitors thrown around the blogosphere. Bloggers will belittle other bloggers with few uniques. They will cast down the blog as being a waste. They will belittle the people. They may have a point or do they? Then when bloggers go to advertisers to get qualified often the question on the phone is how many uniques do you have? How many hits do you get a day? If the blogger has a lot they do not even ask these questions. They say "you qualify my friend welcome to our amazing team..." Uniques is also something that people brag to their friends and family. "Hey Mrs. Specialname I just landed a MILLION visitors today..." I could go on and on but I won't. Basically I am proposing that the whole land rush for unique traffic is absolute hog wash. Look up the traffic on any great site and they will always have more page views than the average blog, and more time on site than the average site in their niche. Serious advertisers for instance will pay more for this. The reason comes down to engagement. When people are engaged they believe in the revolution. When they do not how is the site any different than any other blog littering the google algorithm? Google may control much of the blogosphere traffic but it is in the bloggers hands to do stuff with this traffic. So how does one increase the residence time on their site. The single most important thing is the blog template. A premium template will drive up reader engagement a million percent. People will believe more in your message and praise you for helping them on their journey. Just imagine how much any top blog would suck if they used an average template? The truth is that they tend to favor the blog star templates. The templates with the bells and whistles. Their templates have many suggested posts, perfect categories, useful menus and are perfectly functional. Their sites load fast because of these templates. It is hard to maintain a top site that does not load fast. Why is this? The answer is simply slow loading sites appear to be flawed. Once people can see the flaws of a blog, hear the wheels rust then a blog has issues. The second most important factor is the general utility of the blog content. Do people get anything out of your blog? How does your blog ad value to other people's lives? The third thing that increases time on your site is how well you communicate with people on your blogs. Do you send communications to every visitor that you have info on like thank you, and welcome to the community? Or do you not even care. Getting into it is a big deal. Every day you may come across a stand out person. They leave that comment on your site. They seem to really care about what you are doing. They even come periodically. These people you should target. Conscript them into your army. They will become the mouth piece of your site if you treat them well. They may be half way around the world but a single person these days has a network of thousands of friends! This makes explosive blog growth extremely inevitable. This is why the average time that people spend on your site is more important than anything that I can think of at the moment.


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