Why School Is The Worst Thing On Earth To Spend Money On

The old adage goes that education lets people reach for the stars. This may be true. Another adage goes school builds better people. This may be true as well. The third popular adage is that school is a good investment.

This may also be true. But I believe personally that money is better spent elsewhere. School is in effect a genius marketing ploy. An education is a feel good commodity that perhaps back in the good ole days was a good thing. Anyone who wants to get rich quick steer away from school. Anyone who wants to labor all their life and always be poor go to school and knock yourself out. Lets build a hypothetical life portfolio. Our special person goes to school 4 years.

A thousand a year. They take out loans as many people do. Now lets say this person graduates 4G in the hole and no better job. Perhaps this person can't even get the job they could before they went to school because people never like to hire educated people it is a fact. Being educated is to be dangerous to society. Most employers want to marginalize people who could become CEO as a form of job protection. Well this person is now 4G in debt and reads this site and decides to take up the dot com lifestyle. I call this an epic fail on all accounts.

Now lets say this person did not go to school. They work a job. They use money from their job and a few loans perhaps to start up a few web ideas, invest in stocks bonds and other marketable things, they buy a small property, develop it rent it, and they dabble in other entrepreneurial activities. At the end of these 4 years they are in a position to retire! Bam they made the mark they are a millionaire because they spent their life and money trying to make more money rather than making the elite scumbags at schools trillionairs.

The school people take your cash and go to Vegas and have the time of their life! In this world it is a them or me type of place. I am a firm believer in stock piling money and goods, investing, starting business, and being smart. The rest of the fools fall into place like lemmings and make other people rich.

If you still really want to go to school start your own school! School and education is big business. This is why those people who hang out in the foundation buildings drive Bentley coups, wear million dollar diamonds and talk with a wanna be British accent. Really please stop making people rich and make yourself rich.

Small goals is all you need. Rejoice in saving money, in sound investments, and smart business ventures. Also check out my favorite money making site Get Rich Slowly.


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