Why People With Computer Skills Should Always Work Alone

It is very common for people graduating from a school with a computer science degree to turn to companies for work. I see this all of the time. And why not? Work gives money up front long before any online business would pay up.

On the other hand the draw backs of a real job are astronomical. Work is exploitation. Do not expect to get equitable pay at a job. I think it is called paying your dues. This so called debt to society is basically working for nothing. As a result why not work for yourself for nothing. People who can successfully work for themselves have greater job security and control over their lives.

If they work online then there is not commute or need to live in certain places. There is no need to have to work over the holidays or not take a vacation in 10 years. People who do their own work control their own product and their destiny. I think many people who once worked at Yahoo have now got the message.


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