Why I Like Closed Social Networks

Slamming away to the drum of open social communities is a lot like blogging. Put up your profile, add a few pics, a video, dabble a bit and people show up time and time again. That is great. We all need eyes, ears, noses and mouths gathering on our sites. At the same time the most meaningful leveraging of social communities happens behind closed doors. It is often what we can not see is what makes certain marketers, bloggers and business folk especially tech savvy. As we all know marketers love email. These marketers daily add people as friends, follow people, etc of similar interests. After we get added there is always always always a welcome email. Not trying to sell anything just relate. The message may be like so I see you are interested in such and such, so am I, I love teaching it online like you or whatever. Connecting personally strikes a chord with most people. It is not a bad move to answer back and play the game. I call this the social media hand shake. Many people who bypass this thing cost themselves much time, much viral traffic, much comments, many friends, and many opportunities. We must never forget the personal level of the web. Many people I believe get hardened to the fact that many people online are very negative. I would say try aiming only for people with a lot of friends. They will tend to be friendlier and more open to getting to know a complete stranger. That is after all the way they become the cornerstones of social media. This is a lot like being at a dance club. If you just watch people dance and socialize it is meaningless. Put on your best clothes and go out there and strike up fun conversations. Be friends with everyone. From this the term is derived social butterfly. People who thrive in social situations even online tend to be happier people in life because we actually need interactions, personal contact and information exchange. These are basic needs that should be extended and revered because of their societal benefits as well.


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