Why A Business Should Not Just Profit From The Things It Does

Recently I was reading technorati and I stumbled upon the perfect story to illustrate this point I want to make. The story was how a Nokia phone was cloned before it was even released! Nokia hates itself now! Well I believe there are many productive business things that can be cloned as well like blogs, selling stuff, stores, invention companies, people with education, etc. I think for anyone to become very rich they must also invest at least equally in things that can not be cloned like property, stocks, bonds, annuities, owning a bank, moving money, arbitrage, great marketing etc. The latter category is considered by many not to be business and the way I do it not an investment rather. I just see that many people are running a rat race who are business owners. The google example is a good one. Google basically invented the technology that made 99% of its competitors obsolete. This is how the world works. We need to strive to control things like, money, property, laws, capital, and society if we want to be truly rich. If we on the other hand think that whatever we do is the next big thing, once our day in the sun passes we will be left behind. I suspect Nokia is going to look long and hard at how it does business now. Welcome to the future.


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