Weekend Marketing Warrior

The biggest myth of online marketing is that effort yields money. This is absolutely false. Thinking yields money.

Take for instance a site that utilizes freebie affiliate programs. They row the posts and the content. The traffic increases and the income increases. The costs of the cheap ads undermine the ability of one high paying affiliate program to make much more money. Making money online is generated in the rocking residuals and high paying affiliate programs. There is a reason these companies list what is paid. If a freebie pays out a buck per conversion you would need a million conversions to make a million dollars.

You would need a thousand converts a day to make a grand a day. You would need a hundred conversions to make a basic living wage. Why try to convert a whole city every day when just a few lagers can make you a lot of money in affiliate programs that pay in the hundreds or thousands or offer a percentage. I beg you try this. You will thank me in one day. In this way the weekend warrior can turn full time marketing warrior. Which is good.

Nobody likes to work the day job anyways. I hear those water cooler conversations are quite boring. Say hello to your boss for me. I hear s/he/etc is a great guy/gal/etc just micromanages because s/he/etc needs the money! Ha! Get into marketing for me. PLS LOL!

PS I Really Dig the Total Gym. Marketers always need a break to get some exercise. This way marketers can have the guns and the money!

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