Twitter Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Mad Money

The worst mistake any person online could make today is not being on Twitter. Twitter is fundamentally the most important online tool on earth. To call twitter an online social community is an understatement. Twitter is life.

The second biggest mistake any business could make is not utilizing Twt Apps. Applications allow business to more easily integrate twitter into their life. It is apps that create runaway twitter profits and it is apps that put the smile on the face of many people. The third worst twitter mistake is in who you associate with. As a general rule following people with the most friends will get you the most friends. But do not expect a lot of reciprocity.

Do not follow completely in your niche. If you do this then the viral follow of your business simply will not happen. As a rule of thumb do not just unfollow people because it is the trend. Be generous and do not just unfollow people who go on long vacations. They are often the true dot com millionaires.

I firmly believe in relocating a business to another state may very well increase your twitter followers. According to California is the leading US state for twitter. I will continue this article about the twitter quest so peace and have a good day.


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