Twitter Is The Future Of Search

When people need good information they are increasingly turning to social media. More specifically twitter it delivering more accurate information than can even the best search engine.

Humans beat robots every time. Bloggers all around the world can effectively leverage twitter even when google fails them. Twitter gives to bloggers even if they have zero friends. The 3rd party devices hooked up deliver fresh traffic for the fresh content.

Twitter reflects people's lives, the blogosphere and real trends. More than ever it is twitter that is quoted. Twitter is more closely followed than the blogosphere. People who do well on twitter do well on their blogs and not the way around like it was only a few years ago. Twitter is going to grow and get better. Google may buy it or perhaps it already has secretly. Whatever the case may be twitter is the most important online real estate piece today. Twitter feeds are a great place to stick your blogs. Have links hibernate there. See Traffic there.

Jump for joy in your twitter feeds. Twitterholic is one of the hottest online ranking systems to date. The higher the rank the more profile action which further increases the rank. Pretty easy right?

Twitter has gone mobile as well. Tiny Twitter turns our favorite instant messaging device into a powerful twitter leveraging tool unlike any other. What are some other hot things to know about in the tweetosphere?

Twitter Scoop

Twitter Buttons

Twitter Patterns

Twitter Moms

Twitter Fall

Tracking Twitter

Twit Spy

Twitter Analyzer

Accessible Twitter

Twitter Local

Pocket Tweets

Twitter Job Search

The Twitter Toolbar

Twitter Remote

Twitter Wit

The Best Profile To Follow On Twitter!!!

And the list goes on...

My final thoughts are that twitter rocks and is probably the most important single site to cast one's sights on for anything. Twitter is the magic right now. So too is Total Gym 30 Day Trial For $1 . I spy Chuck Norris my favorite actor!

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