There Is Alot Of Truth In 52k Twitter Followers

I was recently surfing the inter webs when I came upon a blog. This blog had a twitter widget with 52k followers. I was intrigued. After all the old saying goes "the person with the most followers wins!" Well the blog is called Twitter Truth.

There seems to be a lot of competition in the blog about twitter game but I suspect that we will be seeing quite a few of these sites in the technorati top 100. Perhaps twitter will fail in a year and people will read this post and laugh. That is the genius of blogging. Blog posts are as much a historical document as they are something new sometimes.

Luckily I am usually so wrong about things that if things go wrong I would be right. I would call this some kind of reverse luck. But twitter is big my friends. Open up accounts, and tweet till the cows come home. Read twitter blogs. Use twitter related services. And wear twitter shorts. Twitter is cool baby. Make that blue T catch on fire!


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