Tech Jobs Are Decreasing But Tech Sales Are Up

Twitter is in sights of google. This has been the king tech meme of the moment. I remember last year thinking google would never want to buy twitter. This was the time of the microsoft yahoo negotiations. I think this would be smart on google's part and generate many revenue streams for google including monetizing life streams. In light of these major movements of money and many tech companies doing good, the technology industry overall is loosing some weight. I still can't tell if I love these economic times or hate them. My condolences go out to people loosing their jobs. Personally I have been taking advantage of market value in stocks, trades, realestate, and other investments. Now is a good time for business my friends. If you have been laid off of the tech industry now is the time to use your skills and go out on your own. I agree times suck but we are lucky to know of this amazing technology. It may save our lives literally.


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