Taxes Steal Away The Dreams Of More Self Made Millionaires Than Anything I Can Think Of

Taxes are the devil literally. Tax tends to fall most heavily on the medium and low income folks creating holes they can never get out of. Because of this it is easier sell drugs then it is to work bagging groceries because 1 drugs make people more cash and more importantly 2 the income of drugs is under the tax radar. Wikipedia has a very good article on tax resistance. In reality the best way to beat taxes is tax redirection. Pay the tax in such a way that it benefits you somehow. For example auditing a section to charity, putting income into things like insurance policies that are nothing more than thinly masked tax havens, and giving the money as gifts to people so they can give back to you somehow and the tax is effectively dodged. Always do this legally. Mask your income my friends. There are ways. You may also want to read the website Pay No Income Tax.


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