Some Thoughts On Social Media

I have been giving this a a lot of thought. For at lest a few minutes this has been on my mind. Social media has exploded. Everybody wants in which is good. We need variety to drive these sites. On the upside this post web 2.0 world we see daily innovation. On the down side much of social media has coalesced on these value sites. For instance nobody wants to micro blog on a website that gets less uniques then their own site. Why waste their time unless they are completely bored or see some search utility in the extra bookmarks and always wanted a few extra stragglers to their website. On the other hand many sites that drive social media have left many people behind. The average person can't keep up with this online cult of people and their weird words and communications. Because of all of this the social media that wins are the websites that can drive in enormous profit, are extremely app friendly, are programmed to the roof, have redeeming user value in the way of traffic, and drive home the movie we are all in. I was thinking this because there is a lot of new hype around the byo social community. I was thinking though, there may be greater value in people just using the greatest hit social websites, having a blog etc. Just using what they are good at rather than try to be programmers with no experience, or the next face book. There is a lot of value online for good stuff. An example of this may be a good drummer or rapper making some good money off of YouTube shares. Another example of this is a good blog within the top hundred sites online. We often think technology is our way out of everything. In reality there are enough people working on the technology. It is now our turn to go into this techno world and add our human element. Our signature, our websites, our businesses. Instead of longing for what we do not have we must go foreword with the tools that we have. In time what we want will come. And so will the money. I was thinking about all of this because we need to bring our social experience together. We need to add our own value to the puzzle. We need to create our own circles. Our online clubs and organizations. There may not be very much value in creating an online social community unless you are the next bit thing but there is value in using these communities. There is value in logging into twitter every day. There is value in answering questions just for the fun of it. I believe there are wrong messages out there.


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