The Single Most Important Thing All Bloggers Should Know

There is a lot of debate as to what the best blogging tip is. No body can really agree on what makes a good blog, or how to be successful blogging. Many get rich quick blogging videos are put out every day that seem to miss a few points that I will make.

1. Social media may be even more important than the blog itself.

What? Many bloggers do not get this. The fastest way of making their blog valuable is through social media. The best way to drive links is through social media. The best way to get traffic is through social media.

2. Doing well on google is not as hard as people think.

There is way too much google mythology going around. Many people loose not because of title tags, bad templates or redundant content but rather an inability to exploit certain key words in their niche. It all comes down to content targeting, keyword density, and relevance to economic forces. People are more likely to do better in SEO talking of the new Blackberry then they are of just a general article about smart phones. Many blogs just fail to drum up certain hot key words and blame everything else.

3. Do not get too angry at advertising. It may make you money.

Many bloggers have a thing against advertising. That is fine. But I would rather throw ads up top, update a blog once a year and make more money than people who put ads on the bottom and blog 20 times a day and see a few cents in the tip jar once a week. If the blog is a good read it does not matter how many ads are on it.

4. Pace yourself. It is easier to blog a few times a week then every day.

When I start a blog I may only post a few times a month. I have a thing against new sites. They draw less people and feel unspoiled. When the traffic surge comes and the blog goes viral that is when I recommend people start working hard. Just never buy into the whole none sense that you have to always blog. A landing page that takes an hour to make can out sell any blog on advertising. So people who work hard may be putting all of their nails in a bottomless can. Do not throw away your life because people say this is how it should be.

5. Do not waste your time and life reading every blog.

Blogs are great to read but do not just read them to read them. Spending time on the Internet is fatiguing so limit it to doing things like producing content rather than reading other blogs, chatting on social media, or checking you email 1000 times.

6. Do not accept the limitations that other bloggers and people put on you.

Success is actually very easy. Some of the laziest, most incompetent people run the most successful businesses on earth. Some of the worst musicians become the most coveted rock stars and rappers of all time. (while the best ones never make a dime) Just because some elite with the best themes and 10 successful social media sites tells you that you suck and will never be successful online is nonsense. Blogging is not any harder than anything. Many of the most important skills in blogging be it language, basic computer skills, and creativity are things that all people have inside. Millions if not billions of bloggers quit yearly because they feel they are not good enough. I must say that I have read many excellent blogs than never make it and I have read the best blogs online. The difference is really goals. The best bloggers say I want this. Maybe I can not do it today, but if I stick with blogging while carrying on my life I could go pro. Then the exponential blast hits their blog and they go famous. Like the world of acting for instance most people never make it. This is true. But also setting goals and achieving them is especially possible when people use baby steps. People must understand that they may not be the best blogger today, but if they stick with it a few years probably around 2 to 10 they will one day wake up and be an extremely important figure online. Without having the concrete goal that you will become the best blogger on earth, and the unwavering commitment to achieving that goal at all cost then you will probably never make it. Luck has little to do with anything.


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