Save Your Money My Friends

There is an old saying that is 'save your money.' There is another old saying that goes along the lines of 'find a penny pick it up.' I can not tell you how many more riches to rags stories there are than rags to riches. The reason for this is that we are surrounded by a matrix that wants us to spend money on silly things like fashion, crappy electronics, over priced living situations, overpriced food and coffee in particular, gas and energy, and the list goes on. There is a reason that I wear the same clothes that I bought in the 90s.

If I took the advice of the people on TV I would not be broke but I would be in a better position to get there. To compound spending problems. Rich dot com millionaires and celebs also have credit problems. The reason behind this is that credit companies target people who can't pay off the cards.

Companies that do well for instance get denied credit because the banks can't really yield a reasonable profit per risk of money. If you make money online please save it. If your online business gets a winning streak do not gamble your money. I am saying this related to the recent news of my favorite super model Pamela Anderson.


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