Save Money With Dell Computers

Dell is a basic yet affordable computer. If you consider what the average computer user spends in fees like for regular Internet access the chips add up. While apple has paved the way for computers that cost more than many people's property dell has moved along quietly making value computers. In reality as Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft points out the fact that windows based products like dell have the vast majority of the market share. This is phenomenal considering the marketing genius it takes to sell an apple computer at astronomical prices. People who are getting a dell on the other hand are looking for a reliable computer that suites their computing needs. It is no secret that Microsoft is far more compatible with the general Internet. People on the apple side of the argument tend to emphasize how much better the mac is. In reality I like the Microsoft products because they last longer and cost less. When they do break I can replace the dell for not a lot of money so I generally feel better with my self. If I purchased for example the mac book I would probably feel really bad about the loss of the money. Macs are great for computer masters, but if you are looking for general value look into dell. Dell is a fun simple computer that really takes me back to the 90s when sticky bear typing was all the rage. And I sucked at it. Well its 2009 and I still can't type. But I think dells are pretty tight. I dig the new dell.


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