Robert Kiyosaki's Greatest Student

I have always thought winning the online game is like unpeeling an onion. A person can spend their whole life clubbing on facebook or replying on twitter. We must learn each skill in a compartment and move on before we waste our life in futility. Robert Kiyosaki perhaps the greatest thinker of our time may have thought these thoughts. His onion is unpeeled and he is a millionaire. Robert Kiyosaki is a true rock star of the make money on earth game. Few can touch Robert Kiyosaki's brilliance or strong sense of character. The Big Idea Blogger is a blog that is exploding on to the scene. The big idea apparently is what makes some blogs tick. This tick turns to profitability and instead of peeling the onion its like the blogger now owns the Slap Chop! It sounds to me like this pro blogger has heard of the infamous google money tree! Money can grow on trees if we understand to crack the code and get our own slap chop! To conclude check out the google money tree. It is cool.


Charles April 22, 2009 at 10:16 AM  

Hi Joseph, thanks for linking to my blog. You have a very interesting blog. And a very interesting photo of yourself :)

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