Richard Guzman Makes Some Good Points

Richard Guzman is a marketer that made a video about the lack of job security and some conclusions from it. This video hit on the nerve of the whole question why care? Why wake up in the morning and try to make money besides the 9 to 5. Why do things when everyone else does not understand them.

The real answer is that these voices in our heads actually make a lot of sense. When people generally are trying new things like a business, generating a profit on the side, or even playing with finances and investments people can quickly realize certain things. These things that they realize include purpose. Through their purpose they gain control of their life.

I am not saying every person should get into marketing, or make money online. Rather there are limitless ways to gain money. People do an infinite amount of things to make money on their own. Some people pan for gold, while others climb high mountains, some people fly plains while others are professional chess players. Obviously in this matrix is our online world of social media, marketing, and blogging that teaches us and connects us across the world. But also I believe there is money in hope. There is money in money too.

As I noted in the previous post succeeding is about differentials more than it is about hard work. Success is about sticking with it. Success is about finding new stuff every day. The business journey is one of discovery rather than repetition. If you find yourself dropping the same affiliate links in the same places, or doing the same blog posts over and over again, or working the same job every day I would encourage you to break these repetitious cycles by finding your genius. Pursue what you are about, what comes easy to you. It is also very important to target your weaknesses and try to improve them. If you need help doing some programming just sit down and spend an entire week reading programming blogs. If you want to become an affiliate superstar learn from the masters.

Communicate with them. Build your brand, and create your web stores. Believe in the money you make in AdSense. Be thankful that it paid for your websites, coffee, and a new shirt. Build upon what you know. Hustle your business. Figure out ways that make other businesses work and apply it to your own. I believe the worst thing people can do with their websites is quit. There is nothing wrong with not spending a lot of time blogging. Or writing up a product review once a month. Many of the best marketers do less and achieve more. There is also nothing wrong with failing. The most successful people online fail in epic ways every day.

But they never fail to keep trying new things and find the way. If you business can't monetize try something else. For instance if you can't sell golf balls, try selling bags of potato chips. I believe it is important in any business to systematically find markets and dip your business into them. We live in a world of hype vs the real. An example of this is that my most effective made for affiliate sites were on the topics of rugs, furniture, ring tones, video games, web design for $200, a site with no purpose, a poorly put together online community, and makeup. All of these things to me look pointless.

But they have a point that there is a demand. Business must find these sleeping giants and exploit them. I think it is too easy to chase avenues that we think will work. Many of the bubble markets like tech are substantially harder to drive home power conversions, and runaway clicks. Anyone in this industry will tell you that they must find hidden tech niches or they will not make very much.

Reverse psychology may be the greatest marketing tool in the Internet age. Do not follow other people in this game. Also when the economy goes crazy and the new rules the most important thing to know it that consumers will never ever act like you expect them to. Anyone who studies and analyzes these things realizes that consumer action is rational but most marketers have a warped sense of what people really spend money on. Most people spend more money and time on food, medicine, shelter, travel, recreation, socialization, sleep, and power tools than they do on spinning the get rich quick wheels, reading tech blogs, or clicking advertisements because they want to. The most effective marketers know this.

Make a blog or online business that sells The Rugs made in one town on earth rather than a large general blog that spins the news, or aggregates the things that excite people. These super niches are worth their weight in literally gold. There is gold in all topics though but I believe that if you are not getting gold try a different angle to expose those beautiful revenue streams.


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