The Real Reason Twitter Is So Popular On Earth

Many years from now people will think of twitter in the same light as they see the great temples and pyramids of the past. Twitter is that big a deal. There is a lot of buzz about how twitter is such a great tool.

The buzz continues that twitter is good for everybody to do everything. I just ask why did not people just do shorter blog posts, shorter videos, and smaller profiles.

Herein lies the twitter key. People can tweet without having to worry of grammar or long formalities. People need not question if someone is even reading their stream as it is easy to get a million replies. People can tweet tired when they can't do a blog post, a web cam show, or their typical design an application in an hour type of power day.

To be frank with you the people of the world are mad tired. Sleepy to be exact. When this will end I do not know? But I do know that the 90 hour work week with no pay led to twitter. The blog till your fingers hurt led to twitter. The spend ten hours uploading your videos to the viral sites led to twitter. The answer is that all roads lead to twitter.

Does this make twitter the king? The bright city on the hill? The white castle of online websites? How did the tweetosphere go from crazy to mad cool in just a few hours? I will tell you because twitter is so easy and fun for the whole family.

Why even learn to write! Why punctuate! Why bother with those silly big blogs! Twitter is the new silly microblog big blog. Twitter is big because it is the collection of its little parts. People's life experiences. How many times have your heard the battle cry of 'hello world!' These people are not on twitter regarded as newbies but a potential follower. This is what I call an experiment in symbiosis.

This is where people come together instead of tear each other apart like they do in the blog comments, the video sites and pretty much everywhere else on the non twitter bliss Internet. Sure there is some haggling but those people just forgot that they were on twitter. They must have not set their computer to make funny sounds every time they tweet! That is mad cool my friends.

Popping a tweet is like a slam dunk in basketball, or like winning a prize like a free computer. Twitter rocks that hard and its completely free. Twitter brought the fuzzy sensibility's of blogger without the hassle of having to rock a dot project! Without the hassle of learning programming. Without the hassle of learning coding. Without the hassle of the blog rat race. Twitter adds joy to people's lives and uplifts spirits. Twitter is pure like that.

Pure as the white dove smothered in blue oil that has become the beloved tweet bird. That is what we all are birds tweeting to each other. So now each and every morning when I hear those birds tweeting outside my window I say that I am a lot like them thanks to twitter for making me know that!


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