The average computer user is highly limited in what they do. These limitations can be overcome by learning a few simple tweaks. One area that is of value to anyone looking to dive into Internet business is programming. Programs drive websites, computers, software, hardware and pretty much life. Browsing through programming sites, reading programming books, and experimenting with programming can often propel people's ideas. Here are some sites to check out on the topic of programming:

Learning Computer Programming

MCU Programming

Smart Programming

ADA Programming

Asp Net Programming

Programming And Debugging

Learning Computer Programming

Dave Programming

Krizz Programming

MCU Programming

CPP Programming

Panshin Programming

Smart Programming

Zachelko Programming

Programming In Tongues

Real Basic Programming

Access Programming

Linux Programming

Tutorial Programming

Basic Programming

Natural Language Processing Blog

Meme Agora

Ashish's Programming Journal

Steve Yegge

Dave Programming

Ola Bini

DB 360

Programming and Politics



Teaching Playing And Programming

Pragmatic Programming Techniques

Basic Programming

Palm OS Programming

Axapta Builder

Ashish's Programming Journal

C Cyte

How I Got Started In Programming Interviews

Armstrong On Software

Noel O Blog

Learning To Program

Notes About Free Software

Ancient Programming

Cycle Gap

Green Programming

On Ruby

Mac and IPhone Applications

The Unix Geek

Job I Joy

What Do You Want To Program Today

World Of Firebird and Delphi

David's Blog

SF Ghoul

Kaisar's Blog

Aspect J Programming

Meera Subbarao's Java Blog

Neal Gafter's Blog

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