My Friends 2009 Is The Era Of The Infamous Vlog

Web video is the future that is what a bird told me. That is the same bird that is on twitter! What is up with the Flip Video Ultra HD? I smell a vlog revolution.

The 90s (er 20s??) was the vlog golden age. Well the golden age has laid a golden egg. I call this the golden age 2.0 my friends! Yes you heard me right. Vlogging is the fastest way to line you pocket with pure gold emeralds! Greed for gold is what Internet marketing is all about. Live greedy my friends.

Put your videos on Hulu! I will link to that just because hulu is a beautiful word. Have you heard of Daily Motion? Catch a V wave with daily motion! If your video wave is grand enough you may even get Sharon Stone in one of your videos! Do not pull a Take Vid rather make a Keep vid!

All Vloggers need a really good Lap Top. Would It not be great if this banner below showed you winning this coveted piece of techno equipment!?


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