Marketing Is Cooler Than Blogging Here Is Why

Let's be truthful here. We all want fast money. The Internet lets us make fast money. But blogging is big. Blogging may be the biggest thing ever. Especially if we count twitter as blogging. Blogging is a hotter key word than marketing. But marketers make more money. Why is this so? The real reason. Blogging can't be sold. Blogging is an abstract concept. This is why niche marketing is a smarter choice for people who do not want to spend all day online, but who want to make a substantial amount of cash. What is the investment? Absolutely nothing. Websites can be put out free. Blogger and a million other services. Why risk the money if you have yet to see the benefits. Many people shill out cold hard cash. They get the best of the best. Word press, or an online community. At the end of the day they abandon the idea a few weeks later. The verdict they loose a lot of money. Loose interest in a free website. Abandon it and come back 5 years later! The verdict make money marketing defies time and space! Different sites topics and ads bring in more cash. I can only see this marketer doing the min and making the max. It is kinda link supply meets demand. The needs of the people are quenched. Marketing is the real deal my friends. Ditch the blog and open up an online product review affiliate store. It is simple. It takes very little knowledge. It is profitable. Now is a good time to get into forex trading as well. Have you heard of EToro my friends? Its the next big thing.


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