Linking To Other Sites May Be Harmful to Your Blog

Links are cool. I love giving them. But giving links can destroy a blog. Most seo types freak out over giving links. Like no thank you. I will save the juice and bottle it and sell it. That is how the link sale industry was born. Even talking of it may get Internet Business Revenue Pro banned from google. Actually it is already out of many search terms so I do not care anymore. If you want to make money quick do not link to anybody. Get that one link in and watch your blog fly to the top of the seo pyramid. This is no joke. The do not link meme is not secret. Do not link is the bloggers fountain of youth. Do not link is a mantra. Do not link is a life style choice. Like saying do not link too much may bust this site for repition for key words as well. Heed my warnings my friends. Winning the google games is 100% everything minus nothing.


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