John T Reed Teaches From Both Sides Of The Coin

There are many guru's out there telling us how to make money. Showing us the game plan. Holding our hands. According to John T Reed much of this advice needs some work. The biggest problem Reed points out is the inability for these financial gurus to get their facts strait.

The reason is pretty simple. We want to read what we want to hear. Books that justify our own creation myth will go on our shelf. We will then tell all of our friends to by it.

Many of these marketing gurus have explicit creation myths where they were absolutely broke, then in their quest to get rich cracked the secret code.

They found the worm hole through the glass ceiling and now want to share it with the world for 20 bucks a pop. People rich and poor love these stories.

Here in America we call it the American dream. It is why we were born here or came here. 'It is the low taxes that make America the easiest place to be financially successful on earth.'

These creation myths have holes. Most Americans are slaves to society. Few people really do make it. Capital creates capital. Once we see the power of the creation myth we can quickly realize the marketers 'Make a Billion Dollars in on second' slogan has quite a few holes in it.

Reed is quick to point out that nothing is absolute. Most get rich quick books seem to be one track. 'If people place small personal ads in the newspaper one minuet a year they will make hand over fist greenbacks.'

These books fail to take into account plausible negatives. As reed points out many of these people use hegemonic type ideas to drive points across. Brain washing propaganda is obviously the best policy to sell everything.

The quickest path to success is to have the whole world like lemmings buy up something. This is the same reason that there are addicting chemicals in our food, or the fact that the media sells us on lifestyles that are nothing more than delusions.

Reed makes a strong point for 'traditional' paths to success which include hard work, educating one self, experience, action, and understanding the process.

Because of this I think the information on his site can be a sobering read for anyone who wants to know the truth on being successful and not some elevator pitch by another fraud.


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