Job Fairs Help People Land Technology Jobs FAST

Jobs are scarce. Jobs Fuel Online Business. When the two collide I feel obligated to help people get jobs and advance. Multiple streams of income. A Job is an income stream. Jobs teach tech skills. Jobs can help people achieve their goals. Feel empowered.

The one thing that is lost in online communication is face to face interaction. Getting a tech job that will give you valuable skills to help your online life is best gotten at a job fair.

Job fairs range in types and sizes. Many colleges and universities have job fairs targeted at college students. On the other hand a local community center may have a job fair targeted at opportunities related to the community.

The best part of the job fairs is the social interaction. Face to face is the best way to get a job and keep a job. Here are a few job fairs and job related sites to check out:

Southeastern Minority Job Fair

National Career Fairs

Job Fair Ohio

Diversity Job Fair

The Job Fair

Job Expo

Women For Hire

Snohomish County Job Fair

Michigan College Job Fair

Job Fair USA

Targeted Job Fairs

North West Minority Job Fair

Tech Expo USA

Saint Louis Diversity Job Fair

Cook County Minority Job Fair

Texas Job Fair Calendar

Getting a job is the art of marketing one self. I am a firm believer in the power of robot emailing employers. Just amass the emails of all employers in your area. Email them a landing page where the conversion is that they contact you. Sell your self like these marketers are selling their book. After a morning of deceptive email robo mailing go the physical places where people are hiring and ask to talk to the owner of the company.

Explain to them why you will improve the company, make sales go up, and why they should pay you a million. Spam the corporations folks. If you do not get their attention, if you do not bang on doors and meet people you will never become the CEO of the largest corporation on earth.

Go after these companies with the same fervor that they annoy us all with their crappy products. That is what they are looking for. Real go getters who wear blue, grey and black. Look like a lemming my friends and you will make a million! I demand some comments.


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